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Sampo Group through decades.

Annual reporting 2020-2023

Sampo’s Board of Directors’ report and Financial Statements were published for the first time in accordance with the European Single Electronic Format (ESEF) reporting requirements for the year 2020. The format is Extensible Hypertext Markup Language (XHTML) and the primary statements have been labelled with XBRL tags.

Historical highlights of Sampo

In 2020, Sampo and the South African investment company Rand Merchant Investment Holdings (RMI) announced a joint bid for the UK motor insurer Hastings. The deal was completed and Hastings consolidated as a subsidiary in November 2020. In December 2021 Sampo acquired RMI's minority ownership is Hastings and the option held by RMI to acquire 10 per cent of the company. After this transaction, Hastings became a fully-owned subsidiary of Sampo.

In November 2020, Sampo started to decrease its stake in Nordea by selling a stake to institutional investors with an accelerated bookbuild offering. The stake was further reduced gradually until Sampo completed its Nordea-exit in April 2022.

In February 2021, Sampo announced that it continues its transformation towards a pure insurance group with a focus on high-quality P&C insurance operations, where the Board and the Management see the greatest potential for long-term value creation.

Another milestone in the Group’s history was reached in November 2022, when trading of Sampo SDRs (Swedish Depository Receipts) was launched on Nasdaq Stockholm.

Sampo’s group structure changed in October 2023 as the partial demerger was completed and Mandatum was separated from Sampo. As a result of the demerger, Sampo became a pure P&C insurance group and Mandatum an independently listed company.

Annual reporting 2010-2019

Sampo published its last printed annual report in 2009. Since then, all annual reports have been published as online annual reports. These online annual reports can be printed out and for some reports, readers were able to compile the sections of the report that interested them the most into a PDF document. Sampo’s annual report for 2012 and its accompanying video received two international Red Dot awards. The first fully responsive annual report on mobile devices was published in 2013. Sampo Group's first Corporate Responsibility Report was published for the year 2017.

Since 2018, Sampo has published a dedicated annual reporting website. Sampo Group’s reports and the annual reports of all of the Group companies are published on this website. The single annual report published in previous years has been replaced by a number of different PDF reports.

Historical highlights of Sampo

In 2010, Sampo’s holding in Nordea exceeded 20 per cent and Nordea became Sampo’s associated company.

In 2011, Sampo Group’s holding in Topdanmark exceeded 23 per cent.

Sampo consolidated Topdanmark as a subsidiary as of 30 September 2017.

Group CEO Kari Stadigh retired at the end of 2019. As a result of this, Torbjörn Magnusson, the former CEO of If, started as the new Group CEO and President of Sampo Group on 1 January 2020.

Annual reporting 2000-2009

The annual report for 2003 was Sampo’s first online annual report. At that time, the texts were presented as web pages and the financial statements were available in PDF format. In the following years, less material was presented on the website and most of the content was moved into PDF documents. The first full online annual report was published for the year 2009.

Historical highlights of Sampo

The investment bank Mandatum joined the group at the end of 2000 and Björn Wahlroos became Group CEO and President of Sampo Group.

In 2001, Mandatum Bank merged with Sampo-Leonia. Following this the Group’s name was shortened to Sampo.

In 2002, Sampo’s P&C insurance operations were merged with Swedish If. Following the transaction, Sampo owned 38 per cent of If.

If became a fully-owned subsidiary of Sampo in 2004.

Sampo divested Sampo Bank to Danske Bank A/S in 2007.

In 2009, Björn Wahlroos was elected Chairman of the Board and Kari Stadigh became Group CEO and President of Sampo Group.

Annual reporting 1990-1999

The demand for digital versions of the annual reports increased in the late 1990s with the advent of company websites. Nevertheless, the printed report continued to maintain its position as the preferred publication medium for annual reports.

Historical highlights of Sampo

Sampo founded a life insurance company Henki-Sampo (Sampo Life) in 1997. The company is nowadays known as Mandatum Life.

If was founded in 1999 by Skandia, a Swedish insurance company, and Storebrand, a Norwegian insurer.

Annual reporting 1980-1989

Sampo’s annual reports from the 1980s and 1990s are now also available in digital format. Finding the documents and converting them into a digital format proved to be quite a challenge as there were obviously no digital copies of the older annual reports and only a few copies remained of the printed versions.

Historical highlights of Sampo

At the end of 1984, Sampo’s management team decided to change the legal form of the company from a mutual pension insurance company to a limited company. The listing process took several years of preparation before it was completed.

Sampo was listed on the Helsinki Stock Exchange on 14 January 1988.